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Wrap naturally and with love

Although I have been enjoying homemade kefir for almost a decade now, the blog will only be three years old. Three years of wonderful experiences, learning about foods, creating gluten-free combinations, learning about photography and food styling. A period that has brought to my life wonderful and well-intentioned people for whose advice and support I’m immensely grateful, entrepreneurs who have revived their ideas and whose products I use on a daily basis.
This is the story of such an idea that has become a reality!

“That which leads and drags on the world, is not locomotives, but ideas.”

Marina had such an idea, one that has the potential to “lead and drag on the world” and that idea became a reality, Pčelarko wraps.
I am grateful to be a part of the Pčelarko’s story first as a satisfied user and then as a photographer.
Pčelarko wraps are an alternative to aluminum and adhesive foil for food wrapping. They are made of 100% eco-certified cotton cloth, coated with beeswax (OPG Tomislav Antolčić), pine resin, jojoba oil and coconut oil. Wax and resin make the wraps waterproof, repelling water and protecting the product.

Beeswax has antibacterial properties, stopping and destroying microorganisms that can spoil food.

Pčelarko wraps have a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia confirming that they meet the criteria prescribed by the Rulebook on the health safety of materials and objects that come in direct contact with food.

Use the Pčelarko wraps as a bag for snacks / nuts, as a bag for wrapping chopped fruit, for preserving the freshness of cheese, bread, sandwiches, pancakes, fruits and vegetables, for covering bowls to keep your food fresh. If you don’t have a wooden base to knead the dough and you don’t want the flour all over your work surface, Pčelarko wraps are the solution! Knead the dough on the wrap, when done just shake off the excess flour from the wrap and wash the wrap in lukewarm water. Simple and practical.

Heat the Pčelarko wrap with the warmth of your hands and shape it to fit the food. In the refrigerator, the wrappers harden and hold their shape and protect your groceries.

Maintenance of the Pčelarko wraps is simple. Wash them in cold / lukewarm water, preferably through a stream of cold tap water with a little soap. Allow them to be completely dried naturally before being used or stored again. Do not dry them near a heat source and do not expose them to direct sunlight during summer days.

Wrap your groceries naturally and with love.