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Kefirolicious is story about me, in the pursuit to be healthier and more alive, I gave an opportunity to the kefir grains and started to make my own homemade kefir.

At first it was need that grew into the passion of spreading homemade kefir deliciousness and taking tasty photos.​

Of course, my personal renaissance did not end with the discovery of a homemade kefir. Working on self and personal development are lifelong tasks, but definitely this, apparently ordinary and boring food, helped me primarily in my search for a healthier version of myself.

In this blog I will gather as much information as possible about homemade milk and water kefir, the delicious kefir dishes and the kefir related information.

I hope you will enjoy reading and preparing this kefir deliciousness, as I enjoy creating my blog and taking food photos :).

Vedrana from the <3