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What you can do with extra milk kefir or kefir smoothie?

If you make homemade kefir, I believe you have found yourself in a situation, especially during the summer, when you didn’t even have time to drink all the previously made kefir but the new kefir batch was already ready.

Also, it may have happened that you made too much breakfast smoothie for the whole family, but the rest of the family ate something completely different.

Overeating is not an option and neither is wasting food!

My option is icy refreshment

  • You can put this extra kefir in ice molds and you’ve prepared ice kefir cubes for the next smoothie.
  • If you have an extra smoothie left, you can pour it into popsicle molds. In a couple of hours you’ll have refreshment which you can additionally sprinkle with melted chocolate.
  • If this extra smoothie is a smaller batch, then you can fill the ice molds by covering the bottom of each ice mold. After few hours in the freezer you’ll have delicious ice “bars”.
  • And if you made a smoothie bowl, the content is much thicker. Put baking paper on a pan that you can put in the freezer, then spoon the contents of the bowl onto it in the form of small circles, about 5 cm in size. Put it in the freezer and in a few hours you have a delicious snack.

Summer is the right time for fruit and vegetable smoothies with fresh herbs. If you like these delicious shakes, be sure to look for smoothie recipes on the blog and find additional inspiration in the 25 Days of Smoothies e book, which contains an additional 25 recipes.