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How to make homemade kefir

A kefir lover gave you kefir grains! Now what!? First off, don’t worry. Making homemade kefir is very easy!

Second, this is a real sign of love and affection 🙂

Equipment for making milk homemade kefir:

  • kefir grains (one tablespoon)
  • 750 ml fresh milk
  • strainer (plastic or stainless steel)
  • glass jar for making kefir
  • glass bottle or jar for strained kefir
  • spoon (plastic, wood or stainless steel)


Add 750 ml of fresh milk and kefir grains to the glass jar.

Just place the lid on the jar as it is important that the jar is not fully closed. Leave it at room temperature for 1 to 2 days depending on which kefir taste you like. For a lighter kefir flavour – one day, for a stronger and acidic flavour – two days.

The fermentation period depends on the quantity of grains and the room temperature where the jar is located.

The photos below show:

  • an empty jar with kefir grains
  • a covered jar with kefir grains and fresh milk


When your kefir is finished, stir it up in the jar to make it liquid again and easier to strain.

Pour the kefir into a strainer to separate it from the grains.

Pour the kefir into a glass bottle or another glass jar and keep in the fridge up to seven days.


Return the kefir grains into the kefir-making jar, add fresh milk and you are ready for a new cycle of kefir making.

From cycle to cycle you will have more and more kefir grains and you can either give them to someone, pour more milk into a kefir-making jar to make more kefir, freeze the grains, or add them to a smoothie or chia pudding for additional probiotics.

You can drink your strained kefir immediately. It is excellent as a beverage or a meal with flax seeds, chia seeds or coconut flakes.

If you like protein shakes, smoothies or chia puddings, use homemade kefir as a liquid base instead of yogurt, water or milk.

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Enjoy your homemade kefir!