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Second fermentation of water kefir with rosehip tea

Second fermentation is a great way to add flavor to your water kefir.
You can add tea to the already made water kefir, along with fruit, fruit juice and spices. Its important that all ingredients you use are of good quality, without additives.
I use Kefirko jars, apart from making kefir, also for second fermentation.
If you do not have Kefirko jars, you can also use ordinary jars that you will cover with a regular lid.

For more info about second fermentation click on Second fermentation of water kefir.

Ingredients and preparation steps

  • 600 ml of water kefir
  • 1 orange
  • a pinch of cardamom seeds
  • 3 tablespoons rosehip tea

Wash the orange and cut it into slices.
Add orange slices, cardamom, rosehip tea and water kefir to the jar.
Cover with a lid or if you do not have Kefirko jar, lightly cover the regular glass jar with a lid. Do not close the jar completely so that kefir can ferment.
Leave at room temperature for 24 hours or less if the room temperature is higher.

Strain kefir and enjoy a drink full of good bacteria.