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Paleo bowl

The essence of the Paleo diet is a nutritionally rich food from nature, without processed food, refined products, hydrogenated fats and additives. Paleo diet is a return to the original food, and it is my healthiest choice due to my celiac disease.

Paleo bowl is a complete and balanced meal containing protein, high quality carbohydrates and healthy fat.

In order to make your Paleo bowls nutritionally balanced and diverse, you can always adjust your foods to your specific needs for macro-nutrients.

This Paleo bowl was created in cooperation with Delimano and vegetables were baked in Stone Legend CopperLUX baking pan.


To make grilled vegetables:

– 3 tablespoons of olive oil

– 3 teaspoons of Aromatica spices Happy Lucia

– 2 pinches of Himalayan sea salt

– 2 red peppers

– 1 bell pepper

– 1 larger zucchini

To make a sauce:

– ½ of ripe avocado

– juice from ½ lime

– 100 g of homemade kefir cream cheese

– pinch of Himalayan sea salt

– 1 teaspoon of Aromatica spices Happy Lucia


– 2 eggs

– 1 fresh cucumber

– handful of broccoli

– 10 cherry tomatoes

Preparation steps

– Cut peppers and zucchini into smaller pieces.
– Add oil, sliced pepper, zucchini, spices and salt into Delimano pan and roast until the vegetables gets cooked.
– While the vegetables are cooking, mash the half avocado with a fork, add salt, spices, lime juice and cheese.
– Boil broccoli, drain and allow to cool down.
– When the vegetables are cooked, remove it from the pan where you will bake two eggs “sunny side up”.
– Wash cucumbers and tomatoes and slice them into smaller pieces.

Add into the bowl roasted vegetables, boiled broccoli, sliced cucumbers, avocado cheese sauce, tomatoes and egg.