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Homemade kefir soaps for skin health

Fermented foods, such as homemade kefir, can benefit the microbiota by enhancing its function and reducing the abundance of disease-causing bacteria in the intestines.

But how can probiotics protect good bacteria on our skin?

The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms, outnumbering even the human cells.

Over 1,000 species of these diverse bacteria ecosystems reside on our skin. Research shows that some of these microbes actually promote skin health. They reinforce our skin’s natural barrier against bad bacteria, balance our skin’s pH levels and may even protect against skin cancer. But constant use of harsh facial cleansers and antibacterial soaps strips our skin of these healthy bacteria or the ‘good bugs’ — consequently damaging our skin’s natural bacterial ecosystem. This, in turn, makes our skin stressed and dry, causing skin issues like breakouts, eczema, rosacea flares and psoriasis.

Probiotics can help us to build back our skin’s natural defenses and healthy function.

The skin represents the largest organ in the human body and as such, its main function is to act as a barrier to extrinsic factors including physical, chemical and microbial threats. Also, skin can indicate our internal issues and my skin showed my internal “gluten overload” with Dermatitis herpetiformis wich is a skin condition linked to coeliac disease. Typical symptoms are: red, raised patches, often with blisters that burst with scratching, severe itching and often stinging. Strict gluten free diet rich in homemade probiotics (homemade kefir) is the only option for my guts and skin.

I’m delighted to have an opportunity to use handmade Kefirko soaps that are gluten free and full of probiotics from homemade kefir.

Kefirko has three types of homemade soaps

  • Kefir sensitive soap

There are no chemicals, essential oils or artificial colors in this soap therefore it is exceptional for baby skin care and during pregnancy.

  • Kefir cleansing soap with buckwheat flakes

Rosemary essential oil has positive effects on blood circulation and antiseptic properties. Sage essential oil provides antifungal and antibacterial benefits and buckwheat flakes are great for gentle skin exfoliation. Also, what is important for me, buckwheat is gluten free.

  • Kefir chamomile soap

Chamomile essential oil soothes the skin and provides nourishment and softness.

My skin just loves all types of Kefirko soaps.

And which soap will you choose?


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